Krishna Nursing Home

The Krishna Nursing Home (KNH) is the first private psychiatric hospital in the coimbatore district, licensed by Government of Tamil Nadu. It was established in 1984 . It is a comprehensive psychiatric nursing home providing superior and cost effective treatment and has both Out Patient Services and In patient facilities.

The In patient facility has acute inpatient care, De-addiction, Occupational therapy, Day care centre and Closed Ward Rehabilitation facility. Major clinical programs at KNH address a broad range of psychiatric illness: Depressive disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Alzheimers Dementia and other Geiatric illness, ADHD,LD and other Child and Adolescent Psychiatric illness.

KNH team responds to each patients need appropriatelly with individualised treatment using Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and Rehabilitation with respect, dignity and Humane care with comitment. The important aspect of the treatment programme is educating and including the patients family members.

KNH is a comprehensive Mental Health Care service provider with comitment for Quality and Evidence Based Treatment for patients and their families. KNH is also a examination & training centre for students of Master in Social Work, M.Sc.,B.Sc., M.A.,B.A., Psychology students,Diploma in Nursing Students.


We offer the following courses


THULIR Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Head Injury It runs on every Thursday and Saturday by a team of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

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The training program is being conducted based on the curriculum which are followed and also based on the requirements by the colleges..

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Smart Brain

This is another program started for the children at the age of 5 to 11 to improve and enhance their attention and social skill development.

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Summer Camp

The Diploma in Guidance and Counselling course for the beginners is basically started for anyone with any basic educational background.

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