Krishna Nursing Home


Objective of Training Institute

This training institute will

1. Provide participants with an understanding of the essential elements of Psychiatry
2. Give participants an easy framework for organizing and identifying cases
3. Supply the students with a handful of techniques for providing therapy and engaging patients effectively and cognitively
4. Offers solid suggestions to work effectively with Medical Professionals and helping them in assessments

Available Training Format

The training programs offered by Krishna Nursing Home will be of different nature.

1. 30 days - Continuously
2. 15 days - Continuously
3. 2 days in a Week

Outcome of Training Program

All the students who participated in training process will be able to know how to:

1. Gain rapport with patients
2. Prepare and Organize cases
3. Reduces nervousness and fear in handling violent patients
4. Choosing the better strategy to deal with patients of different diagnosis
5. Avoid creating problems committed by the New Learners and Upcoming Psychologists
6. Exude Professional Presence

Curriculum of the Training

The training program is being conducted based on the curriculum which are followed and also based on the requirements by the colleges. The students were given individual care in training them in the field of Psychiatry.

Colleges / Universities Had Training

The following are the name of Colleges / Universities undergoing training at Krishna Nursing Home since 1996. So far the students of Psychology department, Social Work department, and Nursing department have been playing a major part in undergoing training programs. The names of the colleges / universities that joined hands with Krishna Nursing Home in the training programs are:

Colleges / Universities with Psychology Department are:
1. Govt Arts College
2. PSG College of Arts and Science
3. Avinashilingam University
4. Bharathiar University

Colleges / Universities with Social work Department are:
1. Bharathiar University
2. Dr. G. R. Damodaran Science College
3. PSG College of Arts and Science
4. Nehru Arts and Science College
5. Sri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science
6. C. S. I. Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science
7. Sri Krishna College or Arts and Science
8. Avinashilingam University

Colleges / Universities with Nursing Department are:
1. Ellen College of Nursing
2. Bishop's College of Nursing
3. Royal College of Nursing
4. Texcity College of Nursing
5. Seethalakshmi School of Nursing
6. Vellalar College of Nursing
7. Cherraan's College of Nursing
8. RVS College of Nursing

To Apply for Internship Programme :

Call / Message To : +91 9486122411,