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KRISHNA NEW LIFE CENTRE is a Half Way Home, started with aim of providing effective psychosocial rehabilitation services to people recovering from severe mental health problem. It is run by the Krishna charitable trust.

The Krishna charitable trust a “not for profit” organization runs a half way home and a day care centre with vocational training facilities. The patients under psychiatric care can be referred for admission.

The journey from psychiatric problem back to normal state of well being of body and mind, for some it is a life time, for some it is shorter span, for most it is a journey of ups & downs, for many it could be eased, facilitated, if obstacles on the way were either removed or helped to overcome. KNLC is a companion in this journey of ups & downs, a facilitator in overcoming the obstacles due to disease, social perception & other environmental constraints.

Half way home means transition, where the person has left the illness behind and is moving towards recovery without completely regained functionality & confidence to be back to society. KRISHNA NEW LIFE CENTRE as a facilitator, KRISHNA NEW LIFE CENTER as a professional companion instills & assists persons with psychiatric disability to experience an improved quality of life, learn or relearn the skills of daily living and participate to their maximum extent in social, recreational, educational vocational activities & live successfully at an optimum level of independent functioning in the family & society.

Residents are put to rigorous, preplanned & customized scheduled activities & therapies like psychotherapy, occupational vocational therapy, laughing therapy, yoga & meditation, counseling indoors & outdoor games with other recreational activities.

The admission to this centre is by voluntary basis.

Multidisciplinary TEAM of KNLC

KRISHNA NEW LIFE CENTRE with its adept professionals like Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric Social Workers and Counselors aims to set standards in Half Way Home, Rehabilitation & Recovery.

Dr. P. BaluDirector
Dr. B. Ravi ShankarProject co-ordinator
Dr. L. PonnusamyTechnical Director
Mr. N. Senthil KumarTherapist
Mrs. LathaPsychologist
Mr. ArunPsychologist
Mr. M. J. Prasanna KumarOccupational Therapist


The objective of the rehabilitation is to make the patients independent and functional along with psychological & social support, so that they will be able to integrate back in to their families and with the society as a whole. The team aims at giving patients the therapeutic programmes such as:

1. Personal hygiene
2. Interpersonal relationship
3. Social skills training
4. Money management
5. Work habits
6. Leisure activities
7. Time management
8. Family therapy
9. Household activities
10. Crisis management
11. Medication compliance

The therapeutic programme include individual level programmes and group level programmes such as art therapy, group therapy, planned recreation, movement therapy and yoga. The families and relatives of the patients are also involved in the rehabilitation process.

Facilities of KNLC

KNLC has two five bedded rooms for males and two three bedded rooms for females with separate toilet facility. They also have one counselling room for patients and their family members. They have Occupational Therapy Unit for their recreational activities.

KNLC Works for WHOM?!

KNLC - Half Way Home, is for patients suffering from chronic Schizophrenia and Bipolar Mood Disorder. It does not admit patients with substance abuse, mental retardation, and personality disorder, the duration of rehabilitation can range from six months to one year.