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The Coimbatore Corporation De- addiction Centre was an initiative by Mr. Anshul Mishra, IAS, Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, as one of the broad positive perspective of bringing social change to the people of Coimbatore. It was started in the August presence of Worshipful Mayor of Coimbatore, Mr. Venkatachalam, Deputy Mayor Mr. Karthikeyan along with Mr. Baskar, President of Coimbatore branch of IC Centre for Governance.

The Ten bedded De-addiction centre was started on February 8th 2010. Until now the centre has treated 197 patients, with amazingly high success rate. The specialty of the centre is that it has an effective community programme to monitor the treated patients.

The Coimbatore corporation de- addiction centre was restarted in 2013 following the successful pilot project that was started in 2010. It was restarted by the present Worshipful Mayor Mr. S. M. Velusamy and the Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Tmt. G. Latha I.A.S.

The current project has treated 67 patients of conservancy workers. The success of the project is of the teamwork of the professionals of the Krishna Nursing Home and the Corporation officials. The patients are followed up every week at Alcoholic Anonymous meeting held at the De-Addiction centre every Thursday and as well at the community level. The relapsed patients are immediately followed up by the professionals by phone and by community visit.

The treatment programme includes individual counselling and group counselling. The family members, mostly the wives of alcoholics are psycho-educated and they are assessed for any stress related disorders and treated. They are educated on the disease of the alcoholism, management, relapse prevention, Disulfiram supervision. The family members are supported and they can easily access the treatment team. The job related stress are addressed with the corporation and appropriate measures are addressed.