Krishna Academy of Humen Behavioural Science(KAHBS)

Certificate Course in Counselling and Guidance (CCGC) - Syllabus

Objective of the Course
The Diploma in Guidance and Counselling course for the beginners is basically started for anyone with any basic educational background, who has passion for knowing human behaviour and to help the people in distress.

The course is structured and curriculum is set in a way that the beginners will learn the basics of counselling, skill to handle and solve the human distress, guide them in interpersonal, medical, social dilemmas. The ever changing social, relationship fabrics is kept in the mind and that issues were focused and relevant therapies are incorporated. The student of this course, apart from learning the basics in psychology,also get benefits in psychological therapies. The course will focus on counselling aspects, from children to adults and as well as orientation to psychiatry.

Aim of the Course

The graduate of the course will be able to help in assisting by conducting the interview, assessment and psychological therapies. The successful candidates will immensely benefit in doing the counselling and guidance.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates should have at least a Basic degree or Passed out 12th Standard
The candidate should have not exceed 60 years of age

Duration of the Course

It is of 6 Months Duration. Admissions will be commenced twice every year.

Training Facilities

Training will be provided at
1. Krishna Nursing Home - Centre for Medical Psychology, Counselling and De-addiction
2. Krishna New Life Centre - Half Way Home - Psychiatry Rehabilitation Centre
3. THULIR - Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry