Counselling Services


Krishna Nursing Home


He completed his training in psychiatry in Madurai Medical College under doyen of Psychiatry Dr. Vengoba Rao. He is the ex-president Indian Psychiatric Society, Tamil Nadu Chapter and Lifetime awardee of Indian Medical Association

He has been committed to psychiatry since 1974.He is the second psychiatrist to practice in Coimbatore. He is a specialist in the treatment of deaddiction of various substances. He established a dedicated deaddiction programme in the city of Coimbatore. His philosophy of follow ups for the patients in remission is well recognized by the high retention of the patients. He was the first to establish Coimbatore Alcoholic Anonymous in 1982. He has displayed a great deal of passion in society under corporate social responsibility, coordinating along with Coimbatore Municipal Corporation. He has treated around 350 conservancy workers. Along with Revenue officials of Coimbatore, he has created awareness about illicit alcohol abuse in public. His other areas of interest inlcude family therapy, mental disorders and non-invasive treatments.


Dr.B.Ravishankar is a proficient psychiatrist graduated from Christian Medical College, Vellore. He has been practicing for 21 years in psychiatry and psychology. He treats a wide range of mental disorders across different age groups and excels in treatment of psychological issues in medically ill patients.

His practice as a consultant extends to GKNMH Ganga Hospital, Aadhi Medical Centre. He was previously at Hunter Mental Health, Australia as the Chief Medical Officer. He is a veteran at an array of interventions in counselling and psychotherapy. His specialization includes cognitive behavioural therapy, parent management training, dealing with interpersonal issues and deaddiction. He has been running a rehabilitation home at the facility for 8 years. He has a keen research interest in the cognitive neurosciences specifically the dorso lateral prefrontal cortex, currently spearheading the study on Tamil translated version of metacognitive therapy in patients with schizophrenia. Besides his research endeavours, He is patron of educating the upcoming generation. He is the principal of Krishna Human Behavioural Science and conducts weekend classes for students from psychology and other allied health science disciplines. He runs three courses namely: Masters Diploma in Medical Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Certificate Course in Guidance and Counselling


Ms.Raghavi, completed masters in child and adolescent psychopathology from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Her primary area of interest is disorders of childhood, their assessment and intervention. Trained in assessment and intervention of learning disability, autism, brain gym and instrumental enrichment under Joy Lal Memorial Society’s Optimizing Disability Education (ODE), Chandigarh. Previously conducted workshops at Delhi Public School and private schools at Khanna, Panjab. She runs a specialized learning disability clinic at Krishna Nursing Home. She deals with issues such as intelligence, learning disability, enhancing child education, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and emotional disturbances in children. Her treatment process involves extensive and wholesome assessment which includes assessing curriculum and psycho social problems. Followed by one on one individualized intervention using customized remedial materials, parent management training programme. Additionally, she handles adolescent’s emotional problems using cognitive behavioural therapy.


Ms.Prathiba is a qualified social worker, completed B.Ed at RKR Educational Institution, Udumalpet. Previously worked as Her area of interest is in emotional disturbances of adults, counselling for deaddiction. Before she joined Krishna Nursing Home, she was working as an assistant professor at Vidya Sagar College of Arts and Science, Udumalpet. She is interested in supportive counselling. She is involved in home based counselling service and organizing community awareness programmes


Mr.Manikumar is a qualified social worker. His area of interest is in rehabilitation psychiatry. He looks after the rehabilitation ward, applying rehabilitation principles like psychoeducation of family, token economy, social skills training, occupational therapy, improving activities of daily living and vocational rehabilitation. Graduate from Madurai institute of social sciences, facilitating activities among immune compromised children